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Unova Pokémon (also referred to as Generation V Pokémon) refers to Pokémon and Eggs from the Unova region. The Unova region, or Isshu in the Japanese games, is the region where the official games of Pokémon Black and White are set.

The Unova Pass is required to obtain Unova Pokémon.


Unova and PokéFarm

If PokéFarm were situated in the same world as Unova and the other regions, it would be much closer to the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions than it would be to the Unova region. Because of the difficulty with importing the Eggs from a far-away region, Professor Holly will not allow you to obtain the Unova Pokémon before you prove your ability to take care of your Eggs.

That is the game logic used on PokéFarm, at least. The real reason is related to the fact that working to earn something can make the game more interesting and gives people something more to do.

Unova Limitations

In order to obtain Unova Pokémon and Eggs from the Lab, Shelter, and Trade Centre, you must possess the Keyitem unovapass.png Unova Pass key item.

There are a few circumstances where Unova Pokémon and Eggs can be obtained without an Unova Pass.

Events and Hunts

Unova Pokémon and Eggs may be obtained under special circumstances, such as Events, without an Unova Pass (unless specifically required).

However, the Unova Pokémon and Eggs obtained under those circumstances still cannot be traded without the Unova Pass. That includes the Event varieties that are unique to PokéFarm, such as Marvin (an Event Elgyem).


If the Unova Pokémon obtained under whatever circumstance can be bred, you can claim Unova Eggs from the DayCare without an Unova Pass.

However, you still cannot obtain those bred Eggs from the Shelter without the Unova Pass.

Egg Supplier

If you have the EggDex of an Unova Pokémon and do not have the Pass, you can still order Eggs of that Unova Pokémon from the Egg Supplier.

Unova Legendaries

Victini and Trading

Victini can be traded without the Unova Pass as it was originally released in an Unknown Event a while before the rest of the Unova Pokémon (and the Unova Pass restrictions) were introduced.

Gold Catapult and Tokens

Through use of the Gold Catapult, the following Unova Legendaries are currently obtainable: Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, and Keldeo. To obtain them, the Gold Catapult must be used to play a special mode of the Catapult game.

The game will grant an Unova Token when completed. The Token granted depends on on the elemental types of the Pokémon captured during the game. A majority of Steel types, for example, grant a Cobalion Token because it is a Steel/Fighting type. (As four Unova Legendaries share the Fighting type, it is the distinct type that matters.)

Tokens are redeemed at the Merchant. The Merchant does not check to see if you have an Unova Pass.

Music Box

Meloetta is able to be summoned through the use of a Musicbox.png Music Box, which doubles as its Forme-Change Item, transforming it into [[Meloetta (Pirouette Forme). It is currently the only Unova Legendary to have a regular summon item, instead of a Token.

Other Unova Legendaries

There are three other Unova Legendaries that have been released. As how they are obtained is quest-related, further details can not be provided; however, the Unova Pass is not required to complete the quest.

Unobtainable Unova Pokémon

At the moment, there are a few Unova Pokémon that cannot be obtained.

Victini has only been released through three Unknown Events and a click-based challenge. It is not currently available through any other method. Even if one has its EggDex, it cannot be ordered through the Egg Supplier.

Kyurem is the only Unova Legendary to still be unavailable.

Obtaining the Unova Pass

In order to get the Unova Pass, you must complete several tasks. The tasks are as follows:

  1. Get the iDex.
    • To obtain the iDex from Prof. Holly in the Lab, you need to first hatch 250 Eggs. It does not matter if you hatch different Eggs, as long as you have a total of 250 hatched. You can check your Eggs hatched statistic on the Stats page.
  2. Register at least three ShinyDex entries.
    • It is only possible to register Shinies once you have the iDex, and registration must be done manually from the private Summary of Shinies that you currently own. Once a Shiny is registered, you will keep the entry even if the Shiny is no longer in your possession.
  3. Fill your Party with blue and/or green Pokémon.
    • Information on colors is available in the iDex. You do need 6 hatched blue and/or green Pokémon, so you cannot have unhatched Eggs in your Party.
  4. Use a certain shortcut to get to the Merchant.
    • It may not be the one you usually take, but it is a link located somewhere on the PokéFarm site and is not hidden. If you take the correct shortcut and meet all of the requirements, Doug (the Merchant) will give you the Keyitem xtransceiver.png Xtransceiver key item. If you do not meet the requirements, then Doug will tell you how close you are to meeting them.
  5. Wait for Kinchiona to send you all her messages on the Xtransceiver.
    • She will eventually tell you what you need to do next. Be patient; this step will last at least one week. There are 9 messages in total.
    • These messages are sent by Kinchiona as an NPC; they are sent automatically, not by an actual person.
  6. Take an Unova Starter from the Lab and raise it for at least one week.
    • Hatch it and raise it to at least level 50. You do not have to keep it in your party or evolve it, but do not release it or let it run away.
    • You must also wait at least one week (to the second, from when you obtained the Egg) before you may proceed to the final step. (When you hatched it or when it reached level 50 does not matter.)
    • It is still okay if it takes you longer than a week to level your starter to 50. It is also fine if your starter passes level 50.
  7. Visit the Lab with the Unova Starter in your Party.
    • Show the Unova Starter to Prof. Holly to obtain the Unova Pass.


The Xtransceiver, obtained during your efforts to obtain the Unova Pass (Step 4 in the list above), currently does not have any use besides receiving the nine messages from Kinchiona.

You can access the Xtransceiver through the Tools section on your Farm page.

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