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This is a page about Boxes from Scours and other types of Treasure items. If you were looking for a storage area for your Pokémon, see Fields.

Treasure refers to an item category which contains Boxes, Unova Legendary Tokens, specific items that may be found inside Boxes, and Scratch Cards. Not all items found in Treasure Boxes are classed as Treasure, even if they are valuable.


About Boxes

Obtaining Boxes

Treasure Boxes are the highest possible class of reward that can be found from Scouring. That also means that they are the rarest sort of reward. More details are covered below.

When opened, Treasure Boxes may contain other types of treasure, whether in the sense of being rare items or in the sense of being categorized as Treasure in the Inventory.

Boxes from Scouring

Popup that shows up when you find a Box on a Scour Mission.

The chance of you finding a Box changes with your Scour Level. Class A can contain either evolution items (Evolution Stones, Evolution Items, or Misc. Evolution Items) or Treasure Boxes.

There are some people that mistakenly believe that your Scour Level can affect the contents of your Boxes, with Boxes found at lower Scour Levels set to have poorer contents. That is not true at all. Your Scour Level only affects the chances that you will find a Box.

The chance of finding a Box applies only when you find a Class A reward. The longer the mission is (excluding when they become lost), the higher chance the chance is that the Pokémon will return with a Class A reward. Your Scour Mission needs to be worth at least 8 hours (including the effects from a Pokémon liking or disliking the area) in order to have a chance of finding a Treasure Box. If your Pokémon is lost, it has a small chance of finding multiple Treasure Boxes.

There is also a formula to find out the chance of a box in Class A depending on your Scour Level. It can be written as:

  • C = floor{100−[100×4/floor(4+L/3)]} %
    • C is the chance of finding a Treasure Box.
    • "floor" means you round what is in the parenthesis down to the nearest whole number. (63.636 would round to 63, for example.)
    • L is your scour level.

Using the formula, you can see that your chance increases every 3 levels.

If you want to look up the precise chance of finding a Treasure Box in Class A for every Scour Level, refer to the table of Scour Levels.

Opening Boxes

The Boxes page.

To open Treasure Boxes, you must have unlocked the Button box.png Boxes page, listed in the Tools section of your Farm page. To unlock the Boxes page, you must have found a Treasure Box while Scouring.

Treasure Boxes can be traded like most other items, but a traded Treasure Box will not unlock the Boxes page. If the Boxes page is already unlocked, traded Boxes can be opened like any other Treasure Box.

Popup from opening a Box.

To open a Treasure Box on the Boxes page, simply choose the "Open the Box" action. A popup will appear that tells what was inside. If you have more than one box, you can use the "Open all" link above your list of boxes. Boxes that have been stored will not be opened.

If trying to sell a Box from the Boxes page, you can choose to do so by clicking the "Sell for 7,500 Credits" link. You will be shown what you might have found had you opened the box, and you will receive 7,500 Credits. (You are more likely to see a rare item named in the pop-up if you sell the Box just to make you regret selling it.) Boxes can also be sold at the Shop, which does not show the popup.

Boxes can contain practically any sort of item or small amounts of Gold Poké. The only exceptions are Black Market items, many Merchant items, and certain Unused Items that can only be found with the PokéWalker. As previously mentioned, your Scour Level does not affect the possible contents of any particular Box. What is found in a Box is determined at the moment that you open or sell it.

The chance of finding a Summon Item in a Box is approximately 2%. (This makes the chance of finding a particular Summon Item equal to 2% divided by the number of possible Summon Items, or less than 0.06%.) Tablets and Plates (a type of Forme-change Item) also have 1% chances. Other types of Forme-change Items can also be found. Most of what you find in Boxes - 90 to 95 percent of possible finds - is worth less than the 7,500 Credits of the Box's sell value, but most people prefer not to sell Boxes to the Shop because some of the remaining percentage is worth much more than 7,500 Credits (especially according to how people value certain items in trades).

Storing Boxes

If you wish to set boxes aside for a later time, you can do so by placing them in storage. Clicking the "Store/Retrieve" link on the boxes page will allow you to select any number of your boxes to be stored. You may also select which kind of boxes you would like to be stored. Boxes are removed from storage in the same way; simply reduce the number of the appropriate kind of boxes that you have in storage, and they will be returned to your main inventory.

Boxes that are in storage will not be opened when using the "Open All" link, allowing users to open all of a certain amount of their boxes at once. Because boxes that are in storage cannot be opened, the storage feature can also be used to set boxes for future trades or hoards aside.

Boxes placed in storage are currently not shown in Item Targets.

About Scratch Cards

Selecting a Scratch Card to use in the Black Market.
Using a Bronze Scratch Card.

Obtaining Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards are obtained by completing an order in the Black Market. What sort of Scratch Card is obtained depends on the amount of Zophan Canisters spent on the order.

  • Bmsc bronze.png Bronze Scratch Card: for orders less than 200 Zophan Canisters.
  • Bmsc silver.png Silver Scratch Card: for orders between 200 and 999 Zophan Canisters.
  • Bmsc gold.png Gold Scratch Card: for orders between 1,000 and 1,999 Zophan Canisters.
  • Bmsc platinum.png Platinum Scratch Card: for orders of 2,000 Zophan Canisters or more.

If the order is gifting to someone else, it is still the person who made the order who receives the Scratch Card.

Like most normal items, Scratch Cards can be traded.

Using Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards can be redeemed at the Black Market. If you currently own one or more Scratch Cards, a Scratch Card section will under the introduction section there. It will show how many of each type of Scratch Card is in your possession.

Once a Scratch Card is selected by clicking on the link, the page will show a large scratch card. Clicking on one of the boxes on the card will reveal your prize.

The possible contents of Scratch Cards were last announced (here) to be:

  • Bronze: nothing (33% chance), random evolution item, 50-10,000 Credits, 1 Deluxe Box, or 100 Zophan Canister.
  • Silver: nothing (20% chance), random item of high Credit value, 50-100 Gold Poké, 2-6 Deluxe Boxes, or 200-400 Zophan Canisters.
  • Gold: nothing (10% chance), random Forme-Change Item, random Summon Item, 100-200 Gold Poké, 6-10 Deluxe Boxes, or 400-800 Zophan Canisters.
  • Platinum: nothing (5% chance), random Forme-Change Item, random Summon Item, 200-400 Gold Poké, 10-25 Deluxe Boxes, or 800-1,200 Zophan Canisters.

List of Treasure


As previously mentioned, all boxes have a sell value of 7,500 Credits. The item descriptions are similarly identical: "It's a box... its contents are a mystery!"

Box cute.png Cute Box Box glittery.png Glittery Box Box heavy.png Heavy Box Box pretty.png Pretty Box
Box dainty.png Dainty Box Box gorgeous.png Gorgeous Box Box light.png Light Box Box shiny.png Shiny Box
Box deluxe.png Deluxe Box Box hard.png Hard Box Box nifty.png Nifty Box Box sinister.png Sinister Box

Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards have a sell value of 0 Credits. The item descriptions are similarly identical: "A special voucher to be redeemed at the Black Market."

Bmsc bronze.png Bronze Scratch Card Bmsc gold.png Gold Scratch Card
Bmsc silver.png Silver Scratch Card Bmsc platinum.png Platinum Scratch Card


These tokens are used to obtain Unova Legendary Pokémon. They can be redeemed for their Unova Legendary Egg at the Merchant.

Legtok cobalion.png Cobalion Token Legtok terrakion.png Terrakion Token Legtok virizion.png Virizion Token
Legtok tornadus.png Tornadus Token Legtok thundurus.png Thundurus Token Legtok landorus.png Landorus Token
Legtok keldeo.png Keldeo Token


A Tablet.
Summon Tablets are another type of Treasure. There are said to be a total of 15 Tablets. Their appearances are all identical, their sell values are all 10,000 Credits, and their name varies depending on what they are connected with. (For example, "Summon Tablet (Haures)".)
Due to their relation to quests, they cannot be discussed in more detail here, and a full list of Summon Tablets cannot be provided.

Quest Reward Vouchers

With the addition of the Spin the Wheel game, a new type of Treasure was added: The Quest Pokémon Voucher. These vouchers can be redeemed in order to receive the reward of any Quest that the user redeeming it has already completed - As such, they cannot be used if the user has not completed any quests or is under a Quest Ban.

Currently, the vouchers cannot be redeemed yet, due to the respective option not having been coded in yet.

During the 12 Days of Christmas special Event, a new type of Quest Reward Voucher was added: The Shiny Quest Reward Voucher, which guarantees the user the shiny version of the Quest reward Pokémon they select. It was released as one of the two possible rewards for completing the twelth and final challenge of the Event, with the other reward being a Shiny Sleeping Kolink.

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