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Super-Lite PokéFarm, often referred to SLPF or Super-Lite, is a version of PokéFarm that can be used only for making interactions. It has almost none of the features of the main site but does have a few features designed to make interacting easier.


How to Access

A link to the Super-Lite version can be found at the bottom right corner of every page of the main PokéFarm site.

You may see some users with links to their Super-Lite pages on their User Pages on in their signatures. Unfortunately for them, these links are unlikely to work for you. URL codes are generated differently for different people, so attempting to link someone else to a Super-Lite page that you see will only take them to an error message about the link being invalid.

What it Is

The main page of Super-Lite with customized colors.

Super-Lite is a version of the site optimized for a specific function: making interactions with Pokémon and Eggs. For many users, using it is faster than normal clicking, though others find other methods of clicking to be more efficient.

Super-Lite has little in the way of graphics and information in order to load more quickly. Super-Lite is reduced to the minimum needed for clicking: you can look up users, see their parties and non-hidden fields, and interact with their Pokémon/Eggs. Like on the main site, you can pick which Berry you wish to feed to a Pokémon.

How to Use

Clicking through a field in Super-Lite with normal colors.

Main Page

The main page is where you start out. It contains two points of important information: the username of the person currently logged in (so that you know you are logged on to the right account if you share a computer) and the name of the current Pokérus host.

The main page also has a few options for looking up users.

  1. Search for a specific user: Use this if you know the person's name.
  2. Find a random user who ____ and ____:" This is a more general search.
    • The first set of options allows you to choose a time period. "Is online now" searches for users who have been active in the past fifteen minutes.
    • The second set of options allows you to choose interaction-related conditions. You may look for someone who has clicked you but that you did not click back, someone who has given you more interactions than you have returned, someone who you simply have not interacted with (which includes users covered by the previous option), or set no conditions at all.

If you set search parameters, you can use a link to "Search again" when you are viewing a user's page.

Below the search functions are appearance options.

  • All of the colours on Super-Liter are fully customisable; simply add in your desired HEX colour code to the main page.
  • You can also set the number of columns that fields are broken into. The default is six, which means that a full party of Pokémon will make up a row. You could alter it so that there are any number of columns between one and size. If there is only one column, all Pokémon be listed straight down the page.
  • Finally, you can set a table width percentage. The default is 100%, which means that the table stretches completely across your browser screen. You can choose percentages of 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100. Lower percentages means that the table of Pokémon has columns grouped more closely together.


Interacting is done much like on the main site. You click on a Pokémon/Egg and then click on the appropriate button to hold it or feed it a Berry.

One benefit of Super-Lite PokéFarm is that the page displays the status of a Pokémon/Egg. You cannot click on a Pokémon/Egg that you have already given an interaction, that is currently locked, or that (for Eggs) is ready to hatch.

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