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The official Scavenger Hunt distributes special prizes to those who complete the hunt. Hunts last until the last prize is claimed. A Scavenger Hunt can almost be thought of like a special type of Event, like an Unknown Event, because prizes may be marked as "Obtained through a Special Event" like an Event Egg or Pokémon would be.

There has only been one Scavenger Hunt held so far, and it is unknown if any are planned for the future.


How to Access

The Scavenger Hunt page used to be here and was linked to in the announcement about it. However, the page seems to no longer exist.


The rules for a Scavenger Hunt are fairly simple.

  1. On the day of the Scavenger Hunt, you will be able to see the Pokémon that you need.
  2. You have to match the Pokémon as closely as possible: the order in your Party, species, gender, name, level, held item, and so on.
  3. All Pokémon must have an "obtained" date no earlier than the first day of the Hunt. Any Pokémon obtained before the Hunt will not qualify to fill the requirements.
    • A Pokémon is "obtained" when its Egg is laid in the DayCare, when it is picked up from the Lab, or when it is adopted from the Shelter.
    • Trading does not change the "obtained" date.
  4. Prizes are given out on a "first come, first serve" basis. You have to click the link to claim your prize on the Hunt page. The faster you finish, the more likely it is that there is a prize left for you to claim.
    • If the prize is an Unova Pokémon, the Unova Pass is not required to claim it.
  5. The Hunt ends when all prizes are claimed.

Other Information

You can observe how close you are to meeting the requirements on the Hunt page. Requirements that have been met appear in the color of the site skin that you are using. Requirements that have not been met do not.

A common source of confusion is the clock icon that has the alternate text of "Pokémon obtained before the Hunt began." This does not mean that the Pokémon has to have been obtained before the Hunt began. That will never happen. Instead, it means that the Pokémon currently in that slot of your Party was obtained before the Hunt began and thus does not meet a requirement necessary for being used in the Hunt.

As for potential prizes, much is unknown. Anything may be possible, even Shiny Pokémon.

Past Hunts

Date Difficulty Requirements Prizes
2011-04-12 to 2011-05-14 Average
  1. level 100 male Shinx named KOLINK holding Shiny Stone
  2. level 60-75 male Buizel named KORET holding Chery Berry
  3. level 50-60 male Skarmory named XIN
  4. level 100 female Shinx named KINCHIONA holding Soothe Bell
  5. level 50-60 Shadow Houndoom named WOLFIN holding Dark Crystal
  6. level 20-30 female Mightyena named KYRU
Original Emolga
  1. 1 Emolga Egg, set Shiny
  2. 100 Emolga Eggs
  3. 250 hatched Emolga, level 25
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