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The Rules are the baseline for what every user's conduct should be while on PokéFarm. The breaking of these could result in a devoice (which removes the ability to post in the Forum) or ban (which most commonly removes the ability to use the site). The rules apply to the entire site.

The actual page holds a link that unlocks PMs and posting in the Forum. These rules may be updated with no warning at all, but you will still be expected to know and follow any additions; therefore, check the thread regularly.

Link to the actual Rules thread.
Link to the Trade Forum Rules thread.


Standard Rules

These are the rules that have been in effect since the creation of PokéFarm. They are numbered 1-15, with some having add-ons that relate to the main rule. The Table of Contents can be used to find a rule's number.

Forum Content Level

Rule 1: This site is PG-13. This means no excessive cursing. No flaming either. Cursing every now and then is acceptable, if done in light moderation, since we can understand needing to curse every now and then.

Wiki Tip
Being able to curse in moderation does not give you permission to curse at other users, including staff. Rule 10 always applies.

Alternate Ratings

Rule 1.a: If a thread is not PG-13 state that in the title of the thread. If the thread is PG-13, but there's a post or posts that are above PG-13, use hide tags while stating the reason as the new rating. This applies for mature RPs and FFs for the most part.
ALL 18+ content (Anything marked as MATURE) MUST be placed in the Mature Forums. If you're not old enough to view the Mature Forums, you shouldn't be posting 18+ (or any mature)content anyway.


Rule 2: When you register, you will be asked for your date of birth. This is not shown to anyone, and is used by the system to provide content adapted to your age. Providing incorrect information is, quite frankly, pointless. You don't gain anything by saying you were born 110 years ago, and giving a date of birth so outrageous that the system can't even save it means you'll lose out on any birthday events we may decide to add in future...

Also, if you are caught with an obviously fake Birthday, you will get banned until you contact support to have it fixed.

No Spamming

Rule 3: SPAM (Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Message) is not wanted in the Forums. This can range from being off topic to posting something short and not worth the time to read. See what it is here.

Wiki Tip

Spamming is one the easiest and most common ways to earn a devoice or ban. Threads containing too much spam can also be deleted without warning.

The most common forms of SPAM are these:

  • Short Replies/Posts/PMs
  • Off-Topic Replies/Posts
  • Smiley Abuse (see Rule 3.a)
  • Begging (for anything, including items, Pokémon, and interactions)
  • Images that serve no purpose
  • Multi-Posting or PM Flooding (see Rule 8 about multi-posts and BUMPs)
  • Answering already answered questions
  • Backdoor modding or mini-modding (see Rule 10)

Smiley Abuse

Rule 3.a: Do not abuse the smilies. A few here or there is okay, but having enough to distract from the idea of the post is too much. This applies to excessive use of question and exclamation marks.


Rule 3.b: Try to avoid overusing different colours. People may be using a different Skin than you and won't be able to read your text. You can, however, change the background colour of your post to ensure your chosen colour will be readable.

Wiki Tip
What kind of font you use and what size of font you use can also affect people's ability to read your post.


Rule 4: Chatspeak (Aka: l33t or TXT chat.) is not allowed in the forums. If you want to say something, type out the word. The more common abbreviations such as LOL, WTF, or OMG are allowed however.

Wiki Tip
In other words, do not use "u" instead of "you" and similarly shortened words common in texting and instant messaging.

Spelling and Grammar

Rule 4.a: You should (at least try to) have a basic knowledge of spelling and grammar. A few typos are okay, but try to avoid having a post full of them. It is understood that not everyone speaks English, but if you use a translator, try translating the result back into your language to see if it still makes some sense.

Wiki Tip

Proper capitalization and punctuation can make posts much more understandable. Badly written posts may not be taken as seriously as a well-written version of the same post would have been.

Also try not to use broken grammar like "How I get legendary egg?". If English is not your native language, you could post and ask for people to correct you.

Proper grammar and spelling should be considered particularly important when communicating with the site staff.

First Post

Rule 5: The first post of a thread needs to give the readers a good idea of what the conversation will be about. A paragraph of about four or five sentences is the advised minimum, but more is usually better with this rule. In any case, just a sentence or two is too short to give a good idea of any thread’s topic.

Wiki Tip

It is also a good idea to make the title relevant to the topic of the first post. Making a thread with an unhelpful and generic title, such as "Help please" or "Cool new suggestion", makes it more difficult for people to find a thread to which they might wish to reply.

Instead, make the title specifically about what is in the first post, like "Help with Legend Eggs Needed" or "New Idea for Egg Supplier".

Images and Pictures

Rule 6: No pornographic links or pictures (except in the Mature forum with appropriate warning and [hide] tags). All pictures should not be wider than 600px and should not be taller than 400px. Images with widths in excess of 600px will be cropped, but if the image is below 600px width yet massive in height, the image will not be cropped. For bigger pictures, use a link. Offensive pictures will be removed and the poster dealt with.

More on proper image use is explained in the Post Box Rules section.

Farmer's Log

Rule 6.a: Your Farmer's Log is restrained to 600x2000 pixels, which should be ample space already. Anything bigger will be cropped.

Wiki Tip

You avoid your log content being cropped 600x2000 pixels by using the "overflow" CSS property. For more information on how to use it, see the CSS guide. However, it will still appear cropped to people who have colour-based BBCodes disabled, so others may not see your entire log.

Another option is to use hide boxes to contain some of the log's contents. Hide boxes are not affected by the colour-based BBCodes option.

Signature Content

Rule 7: There can be a variety of things in your signature. Just a simple quote can make a good signature, or a picture. Adoptables are popular, but limit what you put in your signature. If your signature is longer than most of your posts, then it will be edited out.


Rule 7.a: If you want to show these off, and there isn’t enough room in your signature, create a post in the Extended log area.

Wiki Tip
Including an adoptable in your post instead of your signature could be considered a form of click-begging and thus spam.

Multi-Posting and BUMPing

Rule 8: You may not multi-post unless it's been one week since the last post. In those cases, double posting is allowed. It is called a BUMP, which stands for Bring Up My Post. The only two places that you can freely multi-post is in your Extended log and your own FF.

Wiki Tip
Some forums have exceptions to this. For example, the Trades forum allows you to BUMP after two days. Such exceptions are why it is good to check a forum's stickied threads for forum-specific rules.

When Setting Up

Rule 8.a: These can only be multi-posted in when getting set up: RPs, FanArt, and Clubs/Clans. After the set up, it must be a week before double-posting.

Thread Closing

Rule 8.b: If a thread is more than a month old, it will be closed. Posting in such an old thread (also called Necroing, necroposting, or gravedigging) without good reason will result in a warning. There should be no reason to BUMP a month-old thread. RP Threads will be locked once they get 2 weeks old and become inactive.

Setup Forum

Rule 8.c: If you make a pre-planned RP, you must have a first post stating the topic, characters, rules, etc. If it is not pre-planned, post it in the RP Setup Forum or else it will be moved. Do not RP in an RP Setup thread. Giving up on an RP while setting it up means closing the set up thread. Please follow that rule. It is not the staff's job to do clean up after you.

Suspended Members

Rule 9: A suspension is directed at an individual and is like a timeout. It’s up to the user to deal with the ban, not their friends, so do not ask us about another user's suspension. Most of them are temporary anyway - very few users have earned a perma-ban.

Wiki Tip
Users who are banned can use the PokéFarm Support Centre to inquire about their ban.

Respect Other Members

Rule 10: Be respectful and nice to other members, even if they don't respect your personal clicking policies. Do not flame or blacklist members. If you see this going on, please report it to a staff member.

Mini-modding is also a form of disrespecting, not just to members, but to the staff as well. It basically is how a user says "The staff can't do this job, so I'll do it for them and make things worse on them later when they do get to deal with it." Please don't do this.

Wiki Tip
Mini-modding is the attempt to perform a moderator's job while not having the power of a moderator. It could be something as simple as posting to tell someone, "You are spamming. That's against the rules." If someone is breaking the rules, the best thing to do is report the user.


Rule 11: Please do not advertise on PokéFarm.

Exceptions: Images/links in signature (images for adoptables only) Links in mini-log clearly stating end location. Mentioning in status. (Note: Some other advertising is allowed, only when it has a real point. This includes on-site advertising. Any advertising that does not serve a useful purpose where it is posted will get deleted.)


Rule 12: Avoid spoiling publicly.
It's okay to give information on aspects of the game provided that those who do not necessarily wish to see such spoilers are given that right.
Any spoilers should be enclosed in [hide] tags with "spoiler alert" in the title.
Note that this means don't spoil anything in your Mini-Log, since you can't use the [hide] BBCode.

Wiki Tip

"Spoilers" refers to the information pertaining to parts of a game that are meant to be discovered individually. For example, telling someone what an Egg looks like, what its description is, or how much EHP it takes to hatch would be considered a spoiler. Telling someone about a certain Quest is also a spoiler.

You should also not make, contribute towards, or use off-site, unofficial spoiler guides. Admitting to using one can result in getting in trouble on the site, with possible punishments including being banned from quests permanently.

If you need help with quests, there are official Quest walkthroughs stickied in the Guides forum.


Rule 13: Every member is allowed ONE account. At present there is no multi-account scanner. However when it is added (eventually), you will be given instructions and plenty of time to follow them.

Wiki Tip

To be safe, you should mention whether you are sharing your computer/internet connection with any other users somewhere where the staff can see it. The mini-log of your User Page is a popular choice.

Making a new account after being banned counts as trying to avoid a ban, and will only extend your ban along with having the new account banned.

Everyone Gets One

Rule 13.a: On the forums, there is a Journal section. The point is to make an extended Journal or Blog. You can do anything (within the rules) in your Journal thread. If you are found with more than one, the most recent will be closed.

Account Control

Rule 13.b: Accounts may only be controlled by their owners. While this includes not logging into someone else's account, it is mostly meant to prohibit the use of bots of macros. Basically anything that takes the control away from the player, or that causes unreasonable load on the server.

Read more information on this below.

Spread The Word

Rule 14: Post your Eggs and Pokémon far and wide! Spread them across the Internet and gather clickers from all over the place!

Wiki Tip
You won't be penalized for not doing this, but getting more clicks and views does help you to raise your Pokémon and Eggs.

All British Laws Apply

Rule 15: Since PokéFarm is a British website, all British laws apply and anything illegal cannot be discussed. Failure to follow these laws on this website could result in a ban.

Trade Forum Rules

There are several rules that are specific to the trades and item trades forum; these do not apply to the rest of the site.

General Trade Rules

  • Delete threads that are no longer in use.
  • Make sure the name of the tread clearly informs people of what you're offering or looking for.
  • Do not create multiple threads for one trade; each user is allowed to have two threads in total in the Trades Forum as a whole. (A user may have either two threads in one section of the Forum, or one thread in both sections.)
  • You MAY bump your thread in this forum after 48 hours of nobody having posted.
  • You may trade for off-site items or services, but at your own risk - we cannot help if you are scammed.
Wiki Tip
Trade threads that are inactive for more than three months are often deleted without warning; if you do not want your thread to be deleted, be sure to keep it active.

Not Allowed in Trade Threads

  • Looking for or offering breeding services of any kind.
  • Click begging, or offering clicks as payment.
  • Outrageous prices, or not accepting any offers.
  • Stating that items "may be" up for trade.
  • Misleading titles ("Has summon items" then the first post has a summon hide tag and it says "None")
  • Deleting your thread so that you can remake it instead of waiting to bump it.
  • Offering the same items and/or Pokémon to multiple users; you should wait for your first offer to be declined before offering elsewhere.
  • Offering Pokémon that you do not have; this includes eggs that you have yet to hatch.

Post Box Rules

You may see these referred to as "post templates" or "post backgrounds" elsewhere.

Image Size

Rule 1: This is stated in the regular rules, but people have been trying to get around it by making multiple images smaller than the limit. If the images in your box are fifty times bigger than the text part, there's something seriously wrong (even three times is bad).
Total image size should not exceed 400px in height (although if done right, larger images can work, just not very often).

Image Copyright

Rule 2: Again a part of the main rules, you may only use images that:

  • Are made by you
  • Have been released to Public Domain ("free for use")
  • You have been licensed to use by the creator (in other words, you have explicit permission to use it)

Colour Combinations

Rule 3: Make sure it is physically possible to READ what you are typing. As a general rule, background images should NEVER be used where text is placed. This post box contains images, but the content area is a solid black, for example.

Forbidden Codes

Rule 4: This applies more to the CSS code in general, but I've seen a few post boxes breaking it.

Do NOT use any of the following in CSS codes:

  • position:absolute (unless you have a position:relative container) or position:fixed (ever).
  • opacity on elements containing your text (to make a background colour partially transparent, use the rgba() format for the colour)
  • width, height, min-width, min-height, max-width, or max-height attributes that make the content area unreasonably big or small.
  • overflow:auto or overflow:scroll, except in your log. (NEVER as part of your post or signature - it makes scrolling the page tricky and annoying)
  • cursor on anything. Changing the cursor without a VERY good reason is extremely bad practice in web design, and not being a web designer makes it less excusable for most of you.
  • filters. They only work in IE and excessive use can cause major lag in that browser. It's easier just to ban this code than to try and explain what constitutes acceptable use.

Excessive Whitespace

Rule 5: There have been some post boxes include large numbers of new lines, presumably used for spacing or correct positioning. Either use a [css] code with height set appropriately, or use other positioning methods. Using lots of linebreaks causes problems for users who have styling BBCodes disabled.
Also, make use of the full width of the post area. Shaving off a little for borders is fine, but putting a 100px wide content area in a 600px box is not pretty.

Other Info

This section contains info expanding on some of the rules or is new information.


Since you now have to read the rules before you have any chance of breaking them, the staff reserve the right to enforce the rules more strictly.

Of special importance are not spamming, excessive use of chatspeak, and requiring the first post of any thread to be descriptive and have a point.

Begging for clicks is spam any way you slice it.
There is a difference between sending a PM and reporting a user. The latter has a big warning on it.

Spam posts will be deleted with warning, repeat offenders will be banned.
Threads without a reasonable purpose or short first post will be deleted.

Misusing the report system will result in a suspension.

Regarding Bots

A bot is a full program that does things for you, such as reading the Users Online list, then viewing each of their pages and clicking away. A macro is a recording of your own actions, such as search-click-repeat, which is then done by the computer at a much higher speed.

Both of these are considered cheating, and your account may be suspended if you are found to be using them.

IMPORTANT: Browser plug-ins such as Snaplinks, that open a selected group of links in separate tabs at the same time, are also not allowed, because they cause unneeded stress on the server. It's not hard to just Ctrl+Click or MMB-click the links, but the slight delay between each manual click allows the server plenty of time.
Note that some people have LOST items, Credits, interactions, and even one case where the Snaplinks users lost three Pokémon! It may save effort, but is it worth the risk of losing half of your Party?

Regarding PokéFarm Only Sprites

This relates to:

  • ANY Event Sprite
  • Rexobos
  • Ciphown
  • Gosold
  • Goldesem
  • Any other sprite or image unique to PokéFarm.

Any User seen using any of these in their post boxes, avatars, images, etc. will be banned. The Staff does hold a record of users who are allowed to use PokéFarm sprites, so lying will get you nowhere. There is a Copyright attached to each of these and is as follows:

Other images © PokéFarm Spriting Team 2009-2012 - Do NOT use without permission.

Regarding Misleading Links & Images

This relates to:

Signatures should not have any misleading or false information in them; signatures that state things like "This post was last edited by Kinchiona, X Y ago." are considered spam.

All links should be correctly labelled, and copyrighted PokéFarm sprites should not be used as links to external sites. For example, a button on a template stating "Log", or an event sprite should not redirect users to another site.

Avatars should not contain userbars, whether custom or official.

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