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The Shiny Hunting Page is a tool that provides users with an overview of any shiny hunts that they may have ongoing. It also gives users the option to use any Shiny Charms that they may have.

To access the Shiny Hunting page, you must have at least one of the following:

  • the Keyitem pokeradar.png PokéRadar key item, which is only available in the shop (for 750,000 Credits) if you have an Ultimate account,
  • the Keyitem miniradar.png Mini-Radar key item, which is available in the Black Market,
  • or the Keyitem shinycharmbox.png Shiny Charm Box key item, which was distributed as part of a Christmas event in 2012.



The PokéRadar is a tool that allows for an increased chance at finding Shiny Pokémon under specific circumstances.

If you are looking for information related to the PokéWalker's PokéRadar, read that article. That PokéRadar is not related to this one.

How to Access

The PokéRadar can be found in the Shiny Hunting section of the Tools section of the Farm page.


The Radars are tools that help users find a Shiny Pokémon if they hatch the same kind of Egg, and only one kind of Egg, in a row. This is known as "chaining". The PokéRadar page tells you what your current chain is, how many Eggs you have chained, and what the probability that the next Egg will hatch into a Shiny Pokémon is. Your chance rises as your chain lengthens until it reaches the maximum chance of 1 in 25 after hatching 40 Eggs.

Chaining without an active Radar neither helps nor hinders a user's ability to hatch a Shiny.

Even with a Radar, sometimes it is possible to have very bad luck and not hatch a Shiny during a very long chain of Eggs. There is nothing that can be done about this. Some users may give advice to reset the chain and start again; however, doing so will not increase your luck and completely resets your chance of hatching a Shiny.


It is possible to own both the Mini-Radar and the PokéRadar. If you own both, you will use the PokéRadar automatically whenever you have an Ultimate account and switch to the Mini-Radar automatically when your Ultimate account expires. The ongoing chain in your Radar should switch from one to the other.


The Shiny Hunting page with an active PokéRadar.

The PokéRadar can only be used by Ultimate users. It has no limit on how long a chain can be, and the chain will continue no matter how many Shinies you hatch from it.

If you are using the regular PokéRadar and your Ultimate account expires, you will keep the PokéRadar but lose the ability to use it to hunt Shiny Pokémon. The PokéRadar will be deactivated, and your shiny chain will be frozen until you either get another Ultimate account or switch on your Mini-Radar if you have one. The PokéRadar will automatically be reactivated if you obtain another month/year Ultimate.


The Shiny Hunting page with an active Mini-Radar.

Mini-Radars are much like the regular PokéRadars, but there are a few limitations and differences.

The Mini-Radar can be used by any type of account. It works much like the regular PokéRadar, but there are two limitations.

First, a Mini-Radar's chain breaks automatically after one Shiny is found. Even if you try to continue the chain, you will simply start a new chain.

Second, a Mini-Radar loses one unit of battery power (100mAh) for every Egg hatched. Batteries can be purchased in the Black Market. If the Mini-Radar runs out of batteries, it stops working and the chain breaks. It is recommended that you always keep at least 2 units of battery power when chaining.

Using the Radars

To use one of the Radars, simply hatch the same exact Egg repeatedly to raise your chances of finding a Shiny. Chances start at 1 in 1024 (less than 0.1%) and gradually rise until they are at 1 in 25 (4%) at the 40th Egg. Your chances cannot rise any higher than 1 in 25 no matter how many Eggs you hatch, but they will stay at 1 in 25 as long as the chain continues.

Chains are not broken by Pokémon "obtained through a Special Event" (i.e. Original Event Pokémon) or "obtained under unknown circumstances" (e.g. summoned Legendaries and Quest rewards). If you want to start a chain with Pokémon obtained under such circumstances, you must manually break the old chain by resetting it on the PokéRadar or turning the Mini-Radar off and on again. (Bred Event Eggs, Lab Legendaries, Quest or Event Eggs purchased in the Gold Shop, and any other sort of Egg will break an old chain and start a new one.) You can also turn off the Radar (and break the chain) in order to stop the Mini-Radar from using up battery units.

Different forms of the same species, like the different Burmies, the different Unowns, and Event varieties of Pokémon, do count as different Eggs. Hatching one kind of Unown and then another kind will break the chain. Only hatching the exact same kind of Egg (for example, all Nidoran F Toy eggs, or all regular Nidoran M eggs) will keep the chain from breaking.

You should make sure to remember the limitations of your Radar while hunting to ensure that you do not accidentally break the chain from something like running out of batteries if you have the Mini-Radar. If your Ultimate account expires and you do not have a Mini-Radar (or it is turned off), your chain will be frozen.

The precise chance of hatching a Shiny after hatching a certain number of Eggs is detailed in the table below.

Table of Shiny Probabilities

Shiny probabilities while chaining with an active Radar.
Eggs Hatched Shiny Probability Eggs Hatched Shiny Probability Eggs Hatched Shiny Probability Eggs Hatched Shiny Probability
0 1 in 1024 10 1 in 709 20 1 in 494 30 1 in 269
1 1 in 892 11 1 in 688 21 1 in 472 31 1 in 243
2 1 in 872 12 1 in 667 22 1 in 449 32 1 in 219
3 1 in 852 13 1 in 645 23 1 in 427 33 1 in 196
4 1 in 832 14 1 in 624 24 1 in 405 34 1 in 172
5 1 in 811 15 1 in 603 25 1 in 382 35 1 in 148
6 1 in 791 16 1 in 581 26 1 in 359 36 1 in 124
7 1 in 771 17 1 in 560 27 1 in 336 37 1 in 99
8 1 in 750 18 1 in 538 28 1 in 313 38 1 in 75
9 1 in 729 19 1 in 516 29 1 in 290 39 1 in 50
40+ 1 in 25

Hunt Progress Image

An example of a shiny hunt progress image.

A hunt progress image can be used to display the shiny hunt progress of any user with an active PokéRadar or Mini-Radar. It cannot be used to display the shiny hunt progress of users without a Radar. Also, it does not display how many shinies a user has found during a hunt because that information is not recorded anywhere.

To display your hunt progress, the BBCode of the image is:


Replace "USERNAME" with your username.

Like Item Targets and Interaction Graphs, the image automatically updates.

Shiny Charm

The Keyitem shinycharm.png Shiny Charm is an item that doubles an user's chances of hatching a Shiny Pokémon, whether they are using a Radar or not. Shiny Charms are kept in a Shiny Charm Box, a key item.

How to Access

The Shiny Hunting page with three charged Shiny Charms.

Shiny Charms may be found in the Shiny Hunting section of the Tools section of the Farm page. From there, users may activate or recharge any Shiny Charms they have obtained.

Obtaining Shiny Charms

Shiny Charms were first given out as part of an event in the days leading up to December 25th 2012. Users who completed the event were rewarded with a Shiny Charm Box as well as 1-3 Shiny Charms. While in their Box, Shiny Charms will not disappear at reset.

There is currently no other way to obtain either the Shiny Charm Box or the Shiny Charms themselves.

Using Shiny Charms

Shiny Charms may be activated at any time. While activated, they will double a user's chances of hatching a shiny Pokémon, whether the user is using a Radar or is simply hatching eggs. This means that a user's regular chances of hatching a shiny will be 1/512 without any sort of chain, and 1/12.5 if they have hatched 40 or more eggs in a chain.

Activated Shiny Charms will disappear at the first midnight following their activation, giving users a maximum of 24 hours with doubled shiny chances. Used Shiny Charms need to be recharged before they can be used again; this costs 1000 Gold Poké, and will take 7-10 days.

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