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The Pokémon Tracker is a device that lets you track the levels and Happiness of Pokémon. It also has several other functions.


How to Access

The Pokémon Tracker is one of the Tools on your Farm page.

To access it, you must have purchased the Keyitem pkmntracker.png Pokémon Tracker key item in the Shop for 100,000 Credits.

Using the Tracker


Screenshot of the Tracker with Strict Mode controls.

From the Pokémon Tracker, you can see your Pokémon and Eggs in your Party, in your DayCare, out Scouring, in the Trade Centre, in your PokéWalker, and in your Fields.

The Tracker displays the Pokémon's nickname, gender (Icon female.png female, Icon male.png male, or Icon genderless.png genderless), level, happiness, and time of last level up.

With icons under the Pokémon's name, the Tracker also displays whether the Pokémon is:

There are also icons that display the Pokémon's preferred flavor of Berry:

  • Likes sour.png Sour
  • Likes spicy.png Spicy
  • Likes dry.png Dry
  • Likes sweet.png Sweet
  • Likes bitter.png Bitter
  • Likes any.png any (no preference)

If you want to downsize the page while using the Tracker, clicking the circular "button" at the top and center of the Tracker will remove all of the elements from the page except for the Tracker itself. Refreshing the page will return the Tracker to normal.


When you click on the box to the right of each Pokémon, you will be presented with many options. You can give the Pokémon an item, take an item away from it, rename it, lock it, release it, or move it to any of your Fields, if applicable to the Pokémon's situation. (For example, you cannot move Pokémon that are out Scouring, and you cannot release Pokémon that you have not owned for a long enough period of time.) If you have a Black Gigaremo, you can turn it on or off on that Pokémon. If you check the options of a ready-to-hatch Egg, then you can hatch it.

The option on the top left side of the tracker can be used to toggle in what sort of drop-down menu the options appear. Some browsers may show one mode properly but may not work with the other mode.

  • Strict Mode uses your browser's default settings for the drop-down menus and has a set height to the tracker. Anything above that height will cause a scroll bar to appear within the tracker.
  • Compatibility Mode uses custom controls (drop-down menus that use settings specified by PokéFarm) and has a variable tracker height. The tracker size grows or shrinks to accommodate its contents.

The Pokémon Tracker is highly recommended if you often use a mobile device to access the site, since it allows you to move Pokémon without needing to right-click like you have to do on the Fields page.


When you click on the name of a Pokémon, you will be taken to its tracker page, which presents you with some further options and information. Specifically, the page will show you if the Pokémon can evolve, its type(s), its current location, and whether it likes the Field that it is in (if it is in a Field).

Also, you can set a target level and/or Happiness for your Pokémon. If you do, it will be added to a list of tracked Pokémon that is shown on the main Tracker page. When you set a target, the Pokémon's Tracker page will show you the LUP or happiness gap between what it is currently at and what your target is.

On the main Tracker page, the list of tracked Pokémon will show what the target level/happiness is. Not having reached the target is indicated with an Chklst n.png X and having reached the target is indicated with a Chklst y.png check.

If you track a Pokémon that later leaves your Farm, it will not be removed from your list of tracked Pokémon. It does not matter whether you trade it, release it, or have it run away. If the Pokémon belongs to someone else, you will also see who currently owns it.

You can rearrange tracked Pokémon on the main list by clicking the Button arrow four.png arrows icon on the right side of the Pokémon's entry and dragging it up or down the list. If you drag it to the very top of the list to where the Button delete.png trashcan icon that appears, you can delete the entry and stop tracking the Pokémon.

Another way to stop tracking the Pokémon is to go to its tracker page and set both the target level and target happiness to 0, as that is the default.


Another useful feature of the Tracker is the search function. Opening it displays all of the species that you have and how many of each species you own. When you search for a species, you are provided with a list of the Pokémon of that species, including their basic information (name, level, happiness, and icons indicating its status as shiny, holding an item, etc.) and their location. If you click on a location's name, it will take you to the tracker list for that location and will highlight the Pokémon whose location you clicked.

You can search for multiple species at a time by holding the "Ctrl" (Control) key when selecting species' names. Also, once you have made your search, you can open the "Sort and Filter" options to further refine your search. Results can be sorted by species, name, level, Happiness, and location. Filters are mostly equivalent to the icons that the Tracker shows for Pokémon: Shiny, holding an item, Original, locked, confused, under the effect of a Meta-X, under the effect of a Gigaremo, from the Dream World, or a Custom Sprite Pokémon.

The search filters that do not appear as icons under a Pokémon are:

  • Icon isot.png "OT", meaning that you are the Original Owner; it displays Pokémon hatched or originally obtained by you.
  • Icon isnotot.png "Not OT", meaning that you are not the Original Owner; it displays the opposite of the above.

Clicking the "X" icon clears all filters.

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