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There are three types of currencies on PokéFarm: Credits, Gold Poké, and Zophan Canisters. They can be used to buy different items and Eggs. The amount of each type of currency that you own can be viewed on your Farm page (in the "About my Farm" section) or in the Shops where they can be used. Additionally, your current amount of Credits can be viewed on your Trainer Card.


Credits ()

Obtaining Credits

Credits may be obtained by:

  • Making Interactions
    Each interaction can earn you a small and slightly random amount of Credits. The amount can be increased by purchasing a Keyitem goodluckcharm.png Good Luck Charm in the Shop.
  • Scouring
    Credits can be brought back from Scour Missions. The amount found can also be increased by purchasing the Good Luck Charm.
  • Selling items and accessories
    Items obtained by Scouring, the PokéWalker, or any other method can be sold for half of their Shop value (except for key items). Some items have no use except to be sold; this is true for most items obtained from the PokéWalker.
  • Selling Treasure Boxes
    Treasure Boxes originally obtained from Scouring can be sold for 7,500 credits each. However, it is not recommended, since they have a chance of containing something very good.
  • Hatching Eggs
    Hatching an Egg of your own will earn you a few Credits. Only actually going through the process of hatching it, as can be done from the private Summary or with the Pokémon Tracker, counts as hatching the Egg.
  • Posting in the forums
    Posting in the forums can earn you a small amount of credits. Not all forums earn Credits for posting, however. Spammy, pointless, or inappropriate posts will get you banned from the forums or the site.
  • Referring new users
    When a new user joins and marks you as their referrer (which is automatically done if someone comes on to the site to click your Pokémon and/or Eggs) you will earn 500 Credits. This will not work if the user (or someone who used the same computer or has the same IP address as the user) previously had an account on PokéFarm.

Uses of Credits

Credits can be used to:

  • Purchase items from the Shop and Accessory Shop.
  • Purchase Eggs from the Egg Supplier.
  • Rename your Farm.

Trading Credits

Credits can be traded when by trading an item meant to be sold for Credits at the Shop. This is done by giving the item to a Pokémon and then trading the Pokémon. Steel Bars are items often used for Credit trading because they are fairly convenient to obtain and worth 10,000 Credits each.

Gold Poké ()

Obtaining Gold Poké

Gold Poké is a more difficult to obtain currency than Credits because Gold Poké can be used to purchase special Eggs and items. It may be obtained by:

  • Opening Treasure Boxes
    Treasure Boxes obtained from Scouring may contain a small amount of Gold Poké if you open one. You must have found a Treasure Box by yourself in order for you to unlock the Boxes page that allows you to open a Treasure Box.
  • Making a donation
    To donate for Gold Poké for yourself, you can use the "Donate" button in the bottom right corner of every page by using a credit/debit card or PayPal. Also, Gold Poké Vouchers of various amounts can be purchased if you click the "Donate" button in the first post of the Gold Poké thread. That thread also contains a conversion tool to determine how much a certain amount of GBP (£) equals in Gold Poké (or how much a certain amount of Gold Poké costs in GBP).
    • P = 100C + (10C)(C/100)
    • P is how much Gold Poké you get. C is the cost in GBP.
  • Purchasing vouchers from the Black Market
    In the Black Market, you are able to purchase Voucher gp.png Gold Poké vouchers worth set amounts. The amount of Gold Poké they are worth follows the same formula for the Gold Poké value of a donation.
  • Obtaining a paid account
    Using an account upgrade purchased from the Black Market or the Premium Accounts page, like a Voucher premium.png Premium Voucher or Voucher ultimate.png Ultimate Voucher will earn you an amount of Gold Poké equal to the amount that the voucher is worth. For example, a 1 Month Ultimate Voucher is worth £10, or 1,100 Gold Poké.
    • Additionally, users with paid accounts will receive 150 bonus Gold Poké on the first day of every month.

Uses of Gold Poké

Gold Poké can be used to:

Trading Gold Poké

Gold Poké can be traded when you or someone else purchases a Gold Poké voucher. The voucher can be purchased for another person. Once received by an account, the voucher itself cannot be sent to another, but the voucher code can be. Gold Poké can also be traded with paid account vouchers in the same way.

Vouchers can be checked for validity and redeemed at the Gift Voucher Redemption page.

Zophan Canisters

Zophan Canisters


Obtaining Zophan Canisters

Zophan Canisters are purchased directly through PokéFarm.

100 of them will cost 1 British Pound Sterling. They are purchased through PayPal, which will automatically convert the currencies if you are not using GBP.

Note: You can also visit for the most up-to-date conversion rates. (Keep in mind that a real-life currency may change in value compared to another currency over time.) If your currency is not available on either site, then type "(amount of currency) (name of currency) in (name of other currency)" into Google. It will display the conversion at the top. Examples: "10 GBP in USD" or "£10 in $".

Zophan Canisters are locked to your account once purchased.

Use of Zophan Canisters

Zophan Canisters are the currency for the Black Market. For example, a price listed as £8.00 would be equal to 800 Zophan Canisters. Zophan Canisters are also the currency used in the P3 Laboratory and Accessory Shop EX.

Amulet Coins (AC)

Sending AC to an user.

Keyitem goodluckcharm.png Amulet Coins, or AC for short, are a new currency introduced with the addition of the Spin the Wheel game and to this point, only used in relation to it.

AC can be gained by selling Pokémon to the Merchant, Doug, and are used to bet on the Spin the Wheel game. They can also be traded to other users using an option on the Spin the Wheel page, making them a valid currency for trading with other users.

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