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Evolution is a basic concept of Pokémon and as such also a basic concept of PokéFarm, much like hatching Eggs is. Pokémon change their appearance permanently through evolution, as opposed to temporary like they would with a Forme-change Item.



Most non-legendary Pokémon on PokéFarm can evolve if a certain condition is fulfilled. Evolving a Pokémon changes its species and due to this also its appearance. Evolving a Pokémon may often be the only way to obtain certain Pokémon besides acquiring it in a Trade. Evolving a Pokémon will not change any special status it holds, like a custom description, being an Event Original or being shiny.

Evolution Criteria

Summary of a Pokémon ready to evolve

As mentioned, Pokémon can only evolve if a certain condition is fulfilled, which is dependant on the Pokémon's species. You can check the method in which a Pokémon evolves in your PokéDex, provided you at least have that Pokémon's Dex Entry. The most common conditions are the following:


A majority of Pokémon are able to evolve once they have reached a certain Level. This means that the Pokémon does not have to be at the exact level by the time of evolving it, but can also be at a much higher Level.


Some Pokémon require to be happy with their owner in order to be able to evolve. Pokémon with this requirement need to have a Happiness Level of at least 220 to be able to evolve.


Other Pokémon need to hold a certain Item in order to be able to evolve. These items are stored in the categories Evolution Stones, Evolution Items and Misc. Evolution Items. In order to have a Pokémon hold such an item and be able to evolve, you have to give it to it.


In the Pokémon Games, there exist Pokémon that can only evolve right after having been traded. This condition still exists on PokéFarm, but has been weakened to make it more convenient for the players. Here, a Pokémon with this condition can evolve if its Original Owner is different from the current owner.

Further Requirements

A selected few Pokémon feature additional conditions that must be fulfilled in order for them to be able to evolve. Examples of this would be the Pokémon being a certain gender, the time being during the day or night, or a a certain Pokémon being in your Party alongside the one that needs to evolve. These conditions always appear alongside another, more common condition like Level or Happiness.

There is another special case: Shedinja. On Pokéfarm, all that is required is to have an empty space in your party when evolving Nincada. Unlike in the official games, having a PokéBall is not a requirement.


List of Pokémon ready to evolve

The Everstone is an item directly related to the concept of Evolution. Once being held by a Pokémon, it stops the Pokémons ability to evolve even if all conditions are fulfilled.

Since Pokémon do not evolve automatically on PokéFarm it is not necessary to use one to prevent an evolution. However, using an Everstone can reduce the chance of an user accidentally evolving his own Pokémon, and furthermore removes the Pokémon from the List of Pokémon ready to evolve on the Farm page.

Evolving Dream World Pokémon

Dream World party with a Kadabra that can evolve

Pokémon obtained in the Dream World can only be evolved while being in the same. This leads to some differences to the other, normal Pokémon:

  • Instead of the Farm Level, the Pokémons Dream World Level will be checked for the Level criterium.
  • Pokémon that require to hold an item in order to evolve must be given that item outside of the Dream World, but be inside in order to evolve.

Dream World Pokémon that can be evolved feature a green point next to their name, and must be evolved by going to their summary via double clicking them.

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