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The Egg Supplier can be used to order Eggs for which you have the EggDex entry.


How to Access

The Egg Supplier is one of the Nearby Places on your Farm page.

To use the Egg Supplier, you must be at least Junior rank (100 PokéDex entries).


Ordering an Egg at the Supplier.

At the Supplier, you can place orders for Eggs for which you have already obtained the EggDex entry. You can only order Eggs that are obtainable through the Lab or Tokens. You can order Legendary Eggs, if you have the EggDex entries for them, but you cannot order Event Eggs or Quest Eggs even if you have the EggDex entries for those. Phione Eggs are also unavailable in the Egg Supplier as they are designed to be obtained through breeding.

If you only have a PokéDex entry for something and not the EggDex entry, you cannot order it at all. The Egg Supplier is not intended to help you complete your EggDex or PokéDex. Its main purpose is to help people who are trying to hunt a specific Shiny with a PokéRadar.

The only exception to this rule is Ditto, which can be bought without obtaining its EggDex Entry.


You can search for a certain Egg using the search box. Remember to use the full English name of the first evolution stage and spell it correctly.

You must pay a certain amount of Credits when you place an order. Eggs are priced based on rarity, generally. Ditto, the Starter Pokémon, and Unowns have their own groups not based on rarity. Additionally, orders take the Egg Supplier some time to fill; you do not get the Egg immediately. Like price, time needed to fill an order is based on what group the Egg is in.

Prices and delivery times are, at the lowest, 5,555 Credits and 45 minutes to 2 hours for Swarm-rarity Eggs. At the highest, they are 1,500,000 Credits and 1 day 12 hours to 1 week 3 days for Ditto Eggs. If you order a Random Egg from a certain rarity set, that gives you a 20% reduction in cost and time. (This does not work for Ditto.)

The "Random" choice will only choose an Egg for which you already have the EggDex entry. You will never get something that you have not seen.

You can place up to 3 orders at a single time. You do not need to have an empty slot in your party when you place an order, as the order is not instantly filled.

You can purchase an Extra Supplier Slot Extrasupplierslot.png from the Black Market; each extra slot will increase the amount of eggs that you can order at one time by one, for a maximum of 6 simultaneous egg orders.

Receiving your Eggs

Once your ordered Egg arrives, you will receive a notification message via PM. When you do, you need to stop by the Egg Supplier and pick up the Egg within 24 hours. If you do not, the Egg will get sent to the Shelter. Also, you will need an empty spot in your Party in order to claim the Egg.

About Ditto

Ditto can be purchased from the Egg Supplier without having registered its EggDex Entry. If you do not have its EggDex Entry, it will cost 3,000,000 credits to order; if you do, it will cost 1,500,000 Credits. It is the most expensive Egg to purchase from the Supplier, costing more than all Legendary Eggs.

However, Dittos are not actually rarer than Legendaries. You are much more likely to find a Ditto Egg in the Lab than you are to find a Legendary Egg; in fact, a Ditto Egg is more likely to appear than, for example, a Bulbasaur Egg. The Egg Supplier values Ditto Eggs so highly only because Ditto are extremely useful for breeding purposes.

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