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Eggs are what hatch into Pokémon. Most Pokémon reproduce through Eggs.


Egg Basics

For every known family of Pokémon on PokéFarm, there is one Egg. They are from the five known regions - Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova - or unique to PokéFarm. If PokéFarm varieties are included, there are over 400 EggDex entries.

Sometimes Eggs can hatch into Shiny Pokémon. Whether it will or not, the Egg will look the same as a normal Egg.

Obtaining Eggs

Getting Eggs will be your primary focus during the course of the game. There are a few ways to obtain new Eggs.


Firstly, and most simply, you can pick up an Egg at the Lab. Professor Holly always has a supply of 4 Eggs for normal users. (Premium users see 5 Eggs; Ultimate users see 6.) Users with the Unova Pass will see three additional Eggs from the Unova region. The Eggs are automatically replaced when a user takes one.

To collect an Egg you want, simply click on it. Be quick, though, as someone else might get to it first.


Secondly, you can check out the Shelter. It is always full of Eggs and/or Pokémon that were released or bred by any user. Again, simply click one to adopt it, and again there is a chance that someone else will grab it before you do. Once you are at the confirmation screen, this risk is no longer present, so you can take a little more time deciding whether you actually want it. If you find an Egg or Pokémon that you want but do not have room for it in your Party, you can just leave the Shelter on that confirmation page. It will stay there for up to 48 hours for you to pick up.

As with the Lab, you must have the Unova Pass in order to see Unova Eggs/Pokémon in the Shelter.


Thirdly, you can breed your Pokémon in the DayCare to get Eggs from them. However, not all Pokémon are capable of breeding. You can only claim one Egg per day from the DayCare (unless you are an Ultimate user, in which case you can claim two). The rest are sent to the Shelter.

Egg Supplier

Fourthly, if you are Junior rank or above, you can order eggs from the Egg Supplier. You will only be able to order eggs that you have registered in your EggDex. PokéFarm exclusive Pokémon are not available to order from the supplier.


Lastly, a few special exceptions exist.

  • Event Eggs can be obtained through Special Events or by purchasing them from the Gold Shop. Many Events can also be bred in the DayCare and, because of that, are found in the Shelter.
  • Legendary Eggs can be obtained via summoning, in addition to the four usual methods.
  • Quest Eggs are the rewards for completing certain Quests and must be purchased from the Gold Shop if the Quest is completed incorrectly. They cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Eggs cannot be traded.

Hatching Eggs

Because Eggs need to be kept warm, Eggs must stay in your Party until they hatch.

For an Egg to hatch, it requires EHP, or Egg Hatching Points. The amount of EHP required is displayed both on the Summary page and on your Party page.

Every kind of Egg has its own EHP requirement, which can be seen in the EggDex section of the PokéDex. The most common requirement is 5,355 EHP, but it can be as low as 510 (which is for a specific Legendary) or as high as 30,855 . Any egg requiring more than 10,455 EHP is Legendary or Quest Pokémon, but some are below that amount.

Locking an Egg will prevent it from receiving views and interactions. The option can be found in the "Other" tab in its Summary, and when using the Pokémon Tracker.


EHP can be gained gained when an Egg's display image is viewed somewhere other than a User Page. Visiting the Summary does count as a view, and interactions also give points for views.

When it comes to views, Unique Views are worth a lot more than a normal View. A Unique View is limited to one Unique View per Egg per person per day. The day changes at server midnight. A normal View is a repeat view.


EHP are gained a lot faster if people interact with the Egg. First, they need to be able to view your Egg, and then they need to warm it. This is usually done through your User Page, though it can be also done by getting people to visit its public Summary page by posting your Egg on other sites.

The best way to gain interactions on PokéFarm is to interact with other users first. It is also polite to return interactions, as users are usually interacting in the hopes of obtaining interactions in return. (However, people have the right not to return interactions if they choose, and getting angry at someone for not returning interactions will only get you in trouble.)

Interaction Requirements

How many interactions will you need to hatch your Egg? That depends on what kind of multipliers are in effect.

Amount of EHP Received per Click for Different Account Types (without and with Activated Meta-X 2)
EHP from Normal
+ MX2
+ MX2
+ MX2
Interaction 50 60 60 72 70 84
Unique View 10 10 10 10 10 10
Amount of Interactions (including +10 EHP from Unique View) Necessary to Hatch Eggs with Different Account Types (without and with Activated Meta-X 2)
EHP Normal
+ MX2
+ MX2
+ MX2
510 9 8 8 7 7 6
1,530 26 22 22 19 20 17
2,805 47 41 41 35 36 30
4,080 68 59 59 50 51 44
5,355 90 77 77 66 67 57
6,630 111 95 95 81 83 71
7,905 132 113 113 97 97 85
9,180 153 132 132 112 115 98
10,455 175 150 150 128 131 112
20,655 345 296 296 252 259 220
30,855 515 441 441 377 386 329

Ready to Hatch

Hatching a Shiny Pokémon from an Egg.

When your Egg has accumulated enough EHP to hatch, it will be covered in cracks. Ready-to-hatch eggs cannot gain more interactions or views.

On its summary page, there will be a button that will allow you to hatch the egg. Click it and the Pokémon will emerge. You will find out:

  1. its gender,
  2. if it is Shiny,
  3. if you have found a Gem.

You will also be given the chance to name the newly hatched Pokémon, but you can always change the name or give it one via its Private Summary page later.

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