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The DayCare is the place where you can leave two Pokémon to be raised or bred by Professor Laurel.


Accessing the DayCare

The DayCare is one of the links in the main navigation bar, located at the top of every page. On the Welcome page, clicking Professor Laurel will also take you to the DayCare.

Page Basics

Sunnie (Lopunny) and a regular Lopunny together in the DayCare. The owner has a SpyGlass.

The DayCare is run by Prof. Laurel. He will give you some information about the DayCare.

You may leave up to two Pokémon at a time in the DayCare. To do so, click the link and select which Pokémon you would like to leave. Pokémon in the DayCare cannot be interacted with, but they will automatically gain experience at a rate of 35 LUP every 15 minutes. The amount of LUP can be boosted by using Paid Accounts and the Meta-Xes.

If you have two Pokémon in the DayCare, there is a possibility they may breed. A number of factors come into this, and they are all explained in later sections.

If your Pokémon do happen to turn up with Eggs, they will be shown underneath. To collect an Egg, just click on it. You may only take one of the Eggs each day; two Eggs if you have an Ultimate account. The others are all sent to the Shelter immediately.

If you do not take any Eggs at all, the Eggs will be removed from the DayCare at server midnight and slowly released into the Shelter over the next day.


This again?
In order to see what eggs are produced instead of just Mystery Eggs, you need to own a Keyitem spyglass.png SpyGlass. The SpyGlass shows you what the Eggs actually look like, including Event Eggs. However, if the eggs are something like Unown Eggs, which all look the same, then the SpyGlass cannot tell you exactly what kind of Egg has been produced.

You can, however, earn an item which differentiates between Unown Eggs. The Keyitem unownspyglass.png Unown Spyglass is a quest reward. It costs 500 Gold Poké in the Gold Shop.

Red Gigaremo

Red Gigaremo in use.

The Gigaremo red.png Red Gigaremo unit increases a pair's chance to breed. However, it lowers your Pokémon's Happiness every time they produce an Egg. Because of this, it will also show you the Pokémon's happiness on the DayCare and Live Update pages if activated.

Note: When an Event Pokémon that has no normal (either non-Event or non-Legendary) counterpart breeds, it has a chance of producing NULL eggs. These eggs do not show up like a real Egg, but they still lower Happiness in a Gigaremo'd DayCare Pokémon. Therefore, a unique Event Pokémon may run away before ever producing a real Egg. Examples of Pokémon to whom this applies include Ryukuza, Orkit, Metabbit, Blophin, and Lunupine.

Breeding Pokémon

Necessary Conditions

Two Pokémon in the DayCare may breed as long as they satisfy the following conditions.

  1. The Pokémon must be in the same Egg Group. (You can look up Egg Groups in your PokéDex.) If they are not in the same Group, then breeding is impossible, except when breeding something with Ditto. Pokémon in the "None" (or "No Egg") group cannot breed, no matter what.
    • Therefore, no Legendary Pokémon can breed except for Manaphy, which can only produce Phione. (Phione, Rotom, and Spiritomb are not considered Legendaries on this site.)
    • Having an Egg Group of "No Group" (which means no group was set, like for Ditto) is not the same as having an Egg Group of "None".
  2. The Pokémon must be of opposite genders. If the Pokémon is genderless, it must be paired with a Ditto. Ditto, though genderless, is able to breed with any other Pokémon, provided it is not in the "None" group.
    • Ditto cannot breed with itself and cannot produce Ditto Eggs.
    • Ditto used to be able to breed with itself to produce Ditto Eggs, but this was disabled long ago due to Ditto becoming more common than the staff desired. Similarly, genderless Pokémon also used to be able to breed together, though they cannot any longer. You might see evidence of this on Heritage pages.
  3. The Pokémon must originate from the same world. In other words, Pokémon from the Dream World can only breed with Pokémon from the Dream World. Pokémon from the outside/waking world can only breed with Pokémon from the outside world.
    • The offspring of a Dream World pair will be marked as "Obtained in Dream World", which means that they will count towards the DreamDex if you send them to the Dream World.

Additional Factors

Having met these requirements, a few factors determine how likely the Pokémon are to breed. The Pokémon will have an increased chance to breed if:

  • They are of the same species. (For example, two Torterras will breed better than a Torterra and a Turtwig.)
  • They have different Original Owners. (It does not matter if you are one of the Original Owners or not.)
  • They are within 5 levels of each other.
  • You have a Red Gigaremo unit and have activated it.

Remember, the above factors just make breeding easier; they are not requirements. If you meet the first 2 factors (species and owners), then you will see a small heart icon between the Pokémon. When the two Pokémon are in the DayCare, the text below them will provide an insight into how happy the Pokémon are together. Also, Internet Explorer users will see their Pokémon face in different directions (one of the two images may be flipped) depending on how much they like each other.

Unlike the official games, the bred Egg can be either of the mother’s or the father’s species. The ratio is usually 1 to 1, unless one or both have a chance of producing a counterpart.


Additionally, if one of the Pokémon bred has another species or forme that is its counterpart, the Pokémon can produce Eggs of that other species or forme in addition to Eggs of itself even if not breeding with the counterpart. The counterparts of PokéFarm include:

  • Illumise and Volbeat
  • Tauros and Miltank
  • Minun and Plusle
  • the Nidorans and their evolutions
  • all 28 formes of Unown
  • the three formes of Burmy, the three formes of Wormadam, and Mothim
  • both formes of Shellos and their evolutions
  • both formes of Basculin

Being counterparts does not allow Pokémon to ignore the basic breeding requirements. For example, Unown can only breed with Ditto because all are genderless, and Wormadam cannot breed together because all are female. Also, counterparts are not necessarily members of the same species; only the formes of the same species are, so those are generally easier to breed together than other counterparts if all other breeding factors are equally met.

Under no circumstances can normal Pokémon produce their Event counterparts. However, as explained further down, the reverse is not true.

Quest Pokémon

Quest Pokémon cannot produce Eggs of their own species. Certain ones do have an Egg Group and can be used to breed with other Pokémon, but they will not produce any Eggs when bred with something that cannot produce Eggs of its own species, such as Ditto or another Quest Pokémon.

The only exception is if the Quest Pokémon has a counterpart among regular Pokémon. If a non-Legendary counterpart exists, the Quest Pokémon can produce Eggs of the regular counterpart.

Breeding Event Pokémon

Event Pokémon can be bred by you, if you have at least one Event that can breed. The requirements are the same as for breeding other Pokémon, so events with an Egg Group of "None" (such as Legendary Events) still cannot be bred.

Here are the chances of producing an Event Egg when a Pokémon pair manages to breed.

  • When an Event breeds with an Event, it has a 1 in 8 chance of producing an Event Egg.
    • If breeding two different Events, the chance is still 1 in 8, but the chance of breeding a particular one of the two kinds of Event would be 1 in 16.
  • When an Event breeds with a non-Event, including Ditto, the chance of producing an Event Egg is 1 in 9 at most.
    • It can be lower if the non-Event Pokémon (like Miltank) can produce more than one kind of Egg (in Miltank's case, Tauros and Miltank).
  • Breeding two non-Events can never produce an Event Egg.
    • Remember, breeding is based on the parents themselves, not the parents’ lineages.

The same rules apply even to event Pokémon with no normal non-Event counterpart, such as Ryukuza, Orkit, and Metabbit. Where a normal Event would have a 7 in 8 chance at producing a non-Event Egg, a unique event like Orkit simply has a 7 in 8 chance of producing a null result; in other words, breeding nothing. (As mentioned earlier, for the Red Gigaremo, the null result still counts as a bred Egg and so will lower your DayCare Pokémon's Happiness if that Gigaremo is enabled.)

Each Event only has the chance to produce its own kind of Event. For example, one kind of seasonal Turtwig (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) will never produce another kind of seasonal Turtwig, and one kind of Nidoran Toy event (F, M) will not produce the other (opposite-gendered) kind of Nidoran Toy event. Breeding different Events together will add their breeding possibilities together, just like breeding different species of normal Pokémon would.

Special Cases

While Sleeping Kolink was released during Events, it breeds like a Quest Pokémon does. It has an Egg Group and thus the ability to breed, but it will always produce a normal Shinx Egg when bred. There is no such thing as a Sleeping Kolink Egg.

Something similar applies to Custom Sprite Pokémon. While they may be initially released as Eggs, the ones that are able to breed cannot produce Custom Sprite Eggs. Instead, they always produce normal Eggs of their species.

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