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Custom Sprite Pokémon are Pokémon whose sprites have been edited or changed in some way but are not a new species in the manner that most Event Pokémon are. Custom Sprite Pokémon are never true Shinies.

For all Custom Sprite Pokémon on the site so far, see the list of Custom Sprite Pokémon.


Obtaining Custom Sprite Pokémon

Custom Sprite Pokémon are generally initially obtainable through giveaways or Event distributions, though they may be made into Quest rewards at some point in the future.

During Events and giveaways, Custom Sprite Pokémon can be distributed as Eggs. Custom Sprite Eggs look the same as normal Eggs.

Custom Sprite Pokémon are also available for sale in the P3 Laboratory. The P3 Laboratory, with one exception, applies a Custom Sprite to a Pokémon already in your possession. Everything in the P3 Laboratory costs a certain amount of Zophan Canisters, though there is one exception that is free.

If paying for a Custom Sprite in the P3 Lab, you must have a Pokémon of the correct species and (if specified) gender that is in either your Party or your Fields and that is not Shiny. Also, it cannot already have a Custom Sprite applied to it. If the requirements are not met, the Custom Sprite will not be able to be purchased.

Colour Wheel Game

September 20, 2011, Colour Wheel Game results.

The Colour Wheel Game was the first way that Custom Sprite Pokémon were publicly released. For around a week, users could choose any color from a color wheel. At 00:00 Server Time on September 21, 2011, the game closed. Four different types of Custom Sprite Smeargle Eggs (labeled as "obtained under unknown circumstances") were distributed to users with an empty space in their Parties based upon how accurately users guessed which color would be chosen.

The results were as follows:

Colour Wheel Game Results
 % Accuracy 95% or better 90% - 94% 80% - 89% 70% - 79% 69% or worse
# of Users in Category 5 68 587 1129 4403

Note that the above does not match the prize distribution because some users did not leave empty spaces in their Parties. It was announced that due to only two users actually receiving the 95% Smeargle sprite (also known as the S-grade Smeargle Artist), five 95% Smeargle sprite Eggs would be released into the Shelter the reset after the initial distribution.


An Egg containing a Custom Sprite Pokémon appears the same as a normal Egg. Like any Egg, it will break a PokéRadar chain unless it is designated "obtained under unknown circumstances" or "obtained through a Special Event". Similarly, it will definitely not break a PokéRadar chain if the Egg is of the same species as one's current chain.

A Custom Sprite Pokémon that is also a Legendary Pokémon will still affect and be affected by a Legend Token's limit. If a Legendary Custom Sprite Egg hatches and surpasses the limit, the Legendary Custom Sprite Pokémon will run to the Shelter.

Custom Sprite Pokémon function in essentially the same way as regular dressed up Pokémon, though their changed appearance is permanent.

However, Custom Sprite Pokémon do differ from normal Pokémon in a few ways:

  • They cannot be dressed up.
  • They cannot evolve or change forme (if applicable).
  • Their regular sprites will be shown in the following places:
  • They do not count as a separate species and will register only as their regular species in the PokéDex.
    • They will also only breed their original species; Eggs obtained from Custom Sprite Pokémon will not hatch into Custom Sprite Pokémon.
  • Custom Sprite Pokémon cannot be shiny.

Custom Sprite Creator

The Custom Sprite Creator.

The Custom Sprite Creator can be used to submit sprites that, if accepted, might be used for future Events or other purposes.

You can read information about Custom Sprites and copyright on the Custom Sprite Creator page and this announcement. The legalities mean that basically anything submitted can be used by PokéFarm for any reason; however, if your sprite is rejected, PokéFarm returns the rights to you.

Anything submitted must still obey the Rules. If you resubmit the same sprite more than once, it will be considered spam, and you will be given a ban as a warning.

It is suggested that you read some guidelines regarding sprites before submitting your own.

Sprite Criteria

The sprite needs to fit into an area 80x80 pixels in size.

  • There is a box that size on the Custom Sprite Creator page, if you want to refer to it.
  • The sprite uploader can correct for this, but it is best if your original file fits in the box and is centered.

Sprites should be indexed.

  • "Indexing" refers to limiting the palette to a certain amount of colors. Indexed images generally have a smaller file size than RGB images.
  • The sprite uploader can correct for this as well.

Sprites should be PNG files.

  • It might actually be best to save as a GIF. GIFs are automatically indexed, and the sprite uploader automatically converts the file to PNG.
  • It is strongly advised that you do not save your file as a JPEG, since that could easily cause a loss of image quality.

Sprites should have a transparent background.

  • With PNG files, sometimes there is a corruption of transparency, which is another reason why saving as a GIF is recommended.
  • The uploader can automatically make an image transparent, and it may be a good idea to let it. The uploader uses the color in the bottom-left corner of the image to induce transparency. Make sure that the color in the bottom-left corner is not a color on the Pokémon part of the sprite.

Sprites must be recognizably their base Pokémon species.

  • Scratched sprites are accepted as long the Pokémon can easily be identified.
  • Fusions are accepted as long as the base Pokémon is still apparent.
  • Recoloring the Pokémon is also fine as long as the colors are not close to the Shiny version of the base Pokémon.

Sprites can use any evolutionary stage of any species as their base.

  • Sprites cannot be Eggs.
  • Sprites cannot use a forme-changed Pokémon base (like the Sunny Forme of Cherrim).
  • The sprite should not have any similarities to any Event species at all.
  • The sprite will not evolve, so it should only be a single stage of whatever species it is.
  • Legendary bases are less likely to be accepted than non-legendaries.

Sprites must be of your own design.

  • Do not design a Pokémon that is identical to someone else's idea.
    • For example, making a Ponyta that looks like a pony from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will only lead to rejection.
    • This also includes Pokémon from official sources, like Crystal Onix from the Pokémon show.
  • However, it is permitted to draw inspiration from other sources.
    • If the Pokémon looks somewhat like it is dressed up like a specific character, it might be okay; however, there are limitations.
  • Pokésonas are not allowed.
    • The standard definition of a Pokésona is a Pokémon that is meant to represent a person (particularly yourself).
    • For the purpose of Custom Sprites, any Pokémon that is meant to be a single, unique Pokémon rather than a variety/style of them will be considered a Pokésona and rejected.

Sprites should be original.

  • In the same theme as above, more common ideas and coloring schemes are likely to be rejected.
  • If two or more people submit sprites using a similar idea, it is very likely that all of the sprites will be rejected.

It is important to note that, for certain criteria, the sprite's name and description are also taken into account. For example, you should not name/describe your sprite like it is one-of-a-kind because that could get it rejected for being a Pokésona.

Sprites are also judged based on quality, of course, so poor artwork or badly-managed coloring may lead to rejection.

How to Submit a Sprite

  1. Create a sprite. This can be done on any art program, such as Microsoft Paint, GIMP, Photoshop, and so forth. As long as you can save the file as ".png" or ".gif", it is fine. The file must be saved on your computer, not on a site on the internet.
  2. Make sure that your sprite meets all necessary criteria.
  3. Go to the Custom Sprite Creator page. In the "Custom Sprite" section, browse for the file of the sprite (on your computer).
  4. Once you have selected the file, hit "Upload". The uploader will automatically try to convert it into a transparent 80x80 pixels PNG. You will also see a preview of the image in the box to the right.
  5. Make sure the preview looks as it should. If not, go back and work on the image on your computer some more before trying to upload it again.
  6. Add in the additional information: the name of the Pokémon sprite, the base Pokémon, and a description. "Base Pokémon" refers to the species name and should not be a link to a specific Pokémon.
  7. Double-check to make sure that everything is correct, and then press the "Submit" button at the bottom.

Approval and Rejection

Once a sprite is submitted, it is put into a queue with all other submissions, awaiting approval or rejection.

As previously stated, while your submission is in the queue, the rights belong to PokéFarm. You cannot use it elsewhere without permission. (And it is not recommended that you ask for permission before it is reviewed.)

If your sprite is approved, PokéFarm keeps the rights to your submission. However, approval does not necessarily mean that your sprite will be used as a Custom Sprite Event. The sprite may be rejected later, or other sprites may be released first. If a Sprite is extremely well-liked by the staff, a sprite may even be used for something else, like a full Event or Quest species, in which case the staff may create sprites for any other evolutions/formes of the Pokémon.

If your sprite is accepted and used, you will be able to obtain a free copy of it once it is released, via the P3 Lab. For Custom Sprites, the sprite will be credited to you in the P3 Lab. Sprites used for something like a full Event or a Quest Pokémon will likely be credited in the Dex entry; in any case, the credit will be given somewhere relevant. However, you still need to ask for permission if you want to use it yourself (such as in a post background).

If your sprite was rejected, the rights to the submission are returned to you, so you can use the sprite however you like. You should not resubmit a rejected sprite.

It should be noted that your sprite being rejected does not necessarily mean it was bad. It could have missed some criteria, or perhaps there simply were other submissions that were better. There are many sprite submissions and only two released as events per month, so the competition for approval is strong.

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