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The chat is PokéFarm's on-site chatroom. It replaced an on-site IRC (Internet Relay Chat) application. The current chat is not the same; it was programmed from scratch.


How to Access

The chat can be accessed from a link in the top right corner of every page. It is to the left of the link to the Forum.

How to Use

The chat room.

As soon as you go to the page, you can see about what people are chatting. The chat only displays messages from the time that you load the page; anything before that cannot be accessed by you, and reloading the page resets this.

The chat registers user activity. Loading the page is not enough to be considered part of the chat. Like being registered as online on the rest of the site, you are registered online from your first activity: in the chat's case, this is when you send a message. You are registered as offline 15 minutes after your last activity in the chat. The list of online users is displayed at the right side of the chat.

To send a message, simply type your message in the box at the bottom of the chat and send it.


In the chat, you can type "!rules" in order to see the chat rules. The rules are:

  • Rule 1: All main site rules apply.
  • Rule 2: Don't abuse the Action Commands.
  • Rule 3: Don't flood the chat.
  • Rule 4: No off-site links without permission.
  • Rule 5: Don't turn the chatroom into a roleplay room.
  • Rule 6: Have fun!

The rules may change at any time. As usual, breaking the rules can result in being banned or muted.


The chat has its own staff, know as the Chat Operational Team or ChatOT, who enforce all chat rules along with the Administrators, Super-Moderators, and Moderators from the regular site staff. Artists/Spriters and Moderators-In-Training do not have any special powers inside the chat.

Online administrators, super-moderators, moderators, and ChatOT appear at the top of the list of online users. Their names are marked with a symbol and special colour.


The chat has a few commands that you can use. Some of these are not seen by others in the chat, and others are. Abuse of these is against the chat rules.

The complete list of commands, along with explanations of how they work, can be found here, in the Guides forum.

You can also type "/me" and then a message in order to do an action. In other words, "/me waves goodbye" would appear as "(your name) waves goodbye". It is recommended that you not do it without a good reason; like with anything else, abuse will be counted as spam, and spamming will result in you being muted or banned.

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