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Berries are a type of Pokémon food item and the only type of item that is transferred from the "real" PokéFarm world to the Dream World. Berries that you own are placed into the Berry Pouch and can be grown in the Berry Garden.

See the List of Berries for a list of all Berries and their uses.


Obtaining Berries

Berries can be obtained in four different ways. To get them, you need to have the Keyitem berrypouch.png Berry Pouch key item.

First, you can buy the five basic varieties (01cheriberry.png Cheri, 02chestoberry.png Chesto, 03pechaberry.png Pecha, 04rawstberry.png Rawst, and 05aspearberry.png Aspear) in the Shop when they are available. Those are the only Berries that can be found in the Shop.

Second, you can find all varieties of Berries while Scouring.

Similarly, all varieties of Berries can be found by connecting with other users on the PokéWalker.

Finally, Berries can be traded by being given to a Pokémon to hold and trading the Pokémon.

Berry Garden

The Berry Garden in use.

The Berry Garden can be accessed from the "Nearby Places" on your Farm. To use it, you need the Keyitem zigzagardentool.png Zigzagarden Tool key item.

There are 32 plots in the Garden. Clicking on an empty plot will bring up a list of the Berries in your Berry Pouch, and choosing one from the list will plant the Berry. If you want to plant the same Berry over and over, holding the Shift key while clicking an empty plot will plant the same Berry that was last planted.

Once a Berry is planted, clicking on it will water it. Watering a Berry Plant frequently helps to increase how many Berries they yield when fully grown.

When a Berry Plant is fully grown, clicking it will harvest it, and the Berries on it will be placed into your Berry Pouch.

Berry Pouch

The Berry Pouch displaying information.

You can view your Berries in two places: your Inventory and your Berry Pouch.

The Berry Pouch is accessed by clicking the link at the top of the Berry Garden.

In the Berry Pouch, selecting a Berry will cause its information to appear. This includes the firmness, the description, the flavors, and the quantity.

There is also an option to feed a Berry to a Pokémon. Berries fed from the Berry Pouch do not cure status ailments.

Contest Stats

The Berries in your Pouch will improve your Pokémon's Contest Stats when eaten. Contest Stats can be seen on a Pokémon's Summary.

Flavors are connected to Contest Stats in a certain way:

  • Tough: Sour
  • Cool: Spicy
  • Beauty: Dry
  • Cute: Sweet
  • Smart: Bitter

Sheen limits the amount of Berries that can be eaten by one Pokémon. There is no way to lower Sheen. Sheen rises more quickly when a Pokémon is fed a Berry with a flavor that the Pokémon does not love, and Sheen rises even more quickly if the Pokémon hates the Berry's flavor.

See the Flavors table for detailed flavor information for each Berry.

Official Pokémon Contests may one day be added that could potentially be judged on factors like Contest Stats. However, at the moment, the only use for Contest Stats is to personalize your Pokémon and to meet the evolution requirement for Feebas (which requires a very high Beauty stat).

Certain flavored drinks can also affect Contest Stats when given to a Pokémon from your Inventory: the Sourdrink.png Sour, Spicydrink.png Spicy, Drydrink.png Dry, Sweetdrink.png Sweet, and Bitterdrink.png Bitter Drinks. These Drinks still increase and are limited by Sheen, but they can be useful if a Pokémon dislikes the flavor related to the Contest Stat that you are trying to increase.

Uses of Berries

Berries are generally used in a few different ways.

  • Dream World
    Berries have various effects on your Pokémon in the Dream World, whether in a battle or not.
  • Selling for Credits
    Berries can be sold for Credits at the Shop. Berries are worth between 3 and 40 Credits, depending on the type of Berry.
  • Merchant Trades
    Some of the trades at the Merchant require Berries. Some of the items have uses, but many are meant to be sold for Credits.
  • Curing Confusion
    09lumberry.png Lum and 08persimberry.png Persim Berries cure Confusion when given from the Inventory to a Confused Pokémon.
  • Contest Stats:
    As previously mentioned, Berries can increase the Contest Stats seen on a Pokémon's Summary when fed to a Pokémon from the Berry Pouch.

Flavors and Natures

The Nature of a Pokémon (as seen on its Summary) affects what flavor of Berries that a Pokémon likes the least and the most. This influences both Interactions and Contest Stats.

Nature Loves Dislikes
Adamant Spicy Dry
Bashful none none
Bold Sour Spicy
Brave Spicy Sweet
Calm Bitter Spicy
Careful Bitter Dry
Docile none none
Gentle Bitter Sour
Hardy none none
Hasty Sweet Sour
Impish Sour Dry
Jolly Sweet Dry
Lax Sour Bitter
Lonely Spicy Sour
Mild Dry Sour
Modest Dry Spicy
Naïve Sweet Bitter
Naughty Spicy Bitter
Quiet Dry Sweet
Quirky none none
Rash Dry Bitter
Relaxed Sour Sweet
Sassy Bitter Sweet
Serious none none
Timid Sweet Spicy
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